Range Buying Guide: How to Choose a Range/Stove

Range Buying Guide

Range Buying Guide: How to Choose a Range/Stove

How to Buy a Range/Stove that Fits Your Kitchen

Measure the space in your kitchen available for your new range. Height, width and depth are crucial in deciding which range is right for you.

range dimensions

Range Dimensions

  • Range of Widths: Ranges are available with width between 20″ – 48″
  • Range of Height: Ranges are available with heights between 36″ – 48.5″ measured to top of grates (or top of backsplash if freestanding)
  • Range of Depths: Ranges are available with depths between 23.5″ – 30.5″ measured with door closed

Types of Ranges

Select the fuel type for the range you would prefer. Ranges are defined by whether they use Gas or Electric to heat the unit.

Gas Range

Gas ranges use natural gas or can be converted to liquid propane to heat the oven and burners.

  • Pros: A gas stove gets you an instant, constant flame that you can adjust visually and is therefore more intuitive. Flames cook food more quickly and have even temperature control. Additionally, the cost of setup and of using a gas range is less if your home already uses natural gas.
  • Points to Consider: Gas range costs are usually higher than the cost of an electric stove. Also, if you do not already have a gas line to hook up to in the kitchen, you will need to factor in the ost of that as well. Keep in mind the potential for hazard if the burner does not ignite and gas is released into the air.
top load high efficiency

top load conventional

Electric Ranges

Electric Ranges use a 220 power outlet to supply power to the heating surface.

  • Pros: Electric stove ranges are made of sleek glass and can add to your kitchen’s style. It is easy to wipe clean, without needing to remove a burner ring or wipe around grates and gas nozzles. This type of range is also less expensive to purchase and install and is more stable work surface for pots and pans. Some models offer additional storage beneath the oven. Because electric ranges do not use flames, there is more precise temperature control of electricity to heat the oven.
  • Points to Consider: Electric ranges don’t have steady temperature control (pulsing power) of the cooktop. They also take longer to heat up than gas. Keep in mind that glass stains easily and that this type of range will be inoperable during power outages.

Dual Fuel

Dual fuel ranges use both types of fuel, usually offering a gas cooktop and an electric oven.

  • Pros: Dual fuel ranges are popular with serious cooks because they combine the best of both an electric oven and a gas cooktop. With electricity to heat the oven, there is precise temperature control, without the fluctuations that occur in gas ovens. The cooktops feature instant, constant flames, are more intuitive, and cook food more quickly.
  • Points to Consider: This type of range is usually more expensive, and there could be additional costs of setup to connect both gas and electricity into your kitchen.

Range Styles: Freestanding vs. Built-In Range Models

Select the range style you will be installing in your kitchen.

  • Freestanding: Freestanding ranges can be installed anywhere in your kitchen, and do not require additional cabinetry work. The sides of a freestanding range are finished so the oven looks attractive while standing on its own.
  • Slide-In: Slide-in ranges are great for a more customized kitchen design. Designed to fit between countertops and cabinets, side panels are not finished since they will be hidden when installed. A slide-in range does not have a built-in backsplash so it looks integrated into the look of your kitchen.
  • Drop-In: For an even more customized kitchen style, drop-in ranges require customized cabinetry and are dropped into the prepared space with a front cabinet panel at the bottom.

Extra Features for your Range

Number of Burners:

  • 4 burners – Standard
  • 5 burners – Designed to give you extra space and flexibility to cook more at once.

Cooking Surface:

  • Gas:
    • Standard Open Burners – Require drip trays to catch spills
    • Sealed Burners – The cooktop extends up to the burner so that spills cannot drip down the open space beneath the burner. Btu is slightly lower with sealed burners.
  • Electric:
    • Coil – Basic electric cooktop, takes time to heat up, may be difficult to clean.
    • Radiant Glass Surface – Coils are housed under the surface of the smooth glass top. This radiates the heat up to your pot or pan. Any material of cookware (glass, copper-bottom, etc.) work fine.
    • Induction Glass Surface – Compared to coil, induction surface adjusts heat instantly. Due to electromagnetic energy, heat is transferred directly to the cookware, while the surface of the smooth top stays cool to the touch. Plus, the glass surface is easy to clean. This is the most energy efficient cooktop. However, induction cookware is required for heating to take place. range features

Number of ovens:

  • Single – Standard design. Oven has option of larger capacity with multiple rack placement options.
  • Double – Gives more flexibility in cooking two things at the same time but with different temperatures.

Oven Type:

  • Conventional – Standard. Cooks food by heating the air surrounding with no air flow.
  • Convection – Heats food faster and more evenly by circulating hot air through a fan. Prevents air pockets of uneven temperatures and allows you to cook on more than one rack at a time with even results.
  • True Convection – A third element is added to decrease preheat times, and allow faster roasting and even baking than a standard fan convection.

Oven Cleaning:

  • Manual – Requires cleaning by hand.
  • Self-Clean: Cycle that minimizes manual work in cleaning the oven. Uses heat to attack grease and grime. Steam Clean: Uses added water in order to dissolved away left over residues.

Oven Rack Type:

  • Chrome: Standard material. With self-clean, these must be removed, or can be damaged by the cycle.
  • Porcelain: Can leave in during self-clean. Cleaning cycle length varies by model and how dirty the oven is.

Ball Bearing Rack: Makes the rack easy to pull out for convenience when putting in and taking out cookware, as well as checking progress of food.
Temperature Probe: Added feature into some models. This built-in probe is perfect for checking the progress of cooking meats evenly.
Extra Drawer:

  • Storage drawer – Extra space under the oven to store additional pans.
  • Warming drawer – Drawer is designed to protect prepared food with adjustable settings. Ideal for hosting and preparing many dishes at once.

ADA Compliant: The Americans with Disabilities Act ensures that certain models are accessible for people with disabilities.
Sabbath Mode: Models with Sabbath mode meet requirements for Jewish Sabbath and other holidays. The oven can be set to go on immediately, stay on for a set amount of time, or turn off automatically after some duration has passed. It will stay at its set temperature, while the display remains off. This allows people to still serve warm food while observing religious practices.
Knob Control:

  • Rear – Standard on many freestanding ranges. Integrated backsplash for the controls.
  • Front – Some freestanding ranges and all slide-in and drop-ins have the controls on the front. This allows for a sleek design without a necessary backsplash.

Safety Features:

  • Control lockout – Prevents any unintended activity to the oven or cooktop.
  • Child lock – Prevents children from tampering and opening the oven.
  • Auto oven shutoff – Some models feature a 12-hour auto turnoff to give you peace of mind if the oven is accidentally left on. Another option is a feature with a timer that automatically shuts off the oven after a preset amount of time.
  • Downdraft ventilation : The option of having downdraft ventilation integrated with the product to pull heat and odors down and away from you cooktop. No need for an additional over the range microwave with ventilation or range hood.
range features

Range Brands

Select from the many range brands we have to offer. Each brand offers many of the different features above.

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